This One Email Generated $8,058 in Gift Card Sales in Less Than 4 Days

If You Own a Retail or Service Business and You’re Not Pushing Gift Cards, You’re Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table

Matt Gangloff
3 min readNov 28, 2022


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Here Are the Sales Number Generated from One Email in Just 4 Days

Over the past for years, I’ve generated over $250,000 in Gift Card Sales for my business. About 80% of that happens between Thanksgiving and New Years. And the majority of that results from the very first email I send.

This year was the best yet.

If you run a small business — retail or service (it will work for lots of other kinds of businesses but this one was for a brick and mortar business in the health and wellness space) and you can sell gift cards, I highly recommend you steal what’s below…

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In-store sales during the same period were approximately $2,000.

The eGift Card Campaign drove 400% more revenue than the in-store sales. And it did it in only 4 days, while the store was mostly closed, and with zero labor hours.

Here’s How the Email Performed

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It was a decent-sized email list of existing customers — about 5,600. But, it had been stagnant for a long time. That’s why the bounce rate is a bit high, the open rate is a bit low, and unsubscribes were a bit high.


Sent around 6 AM EST on Friday, November 25th (Day after Thanksgiving).

Here’s the Email Copy

Subject Line:

Introducing Our Best Holiday Deal Ever

Body Text:

Hey, there!

We’re offering our biggest discount ever on Gift…



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